Development Brief

Do you have a time-sensitive planning project, and you need intelligence now?

Stratasan’s Development Brief is the easiest and fastest way to gather intelligence around markets and service areas. Compare up to three geographies ranging from national summaries down to census tracts and block groups.

This package allows you to know detailed information about a prospective market.  All of the data in the package is delivered to you electronically in a PDF.

Stop spending so much time dealing with the data and get back to strategic planning.

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Medicare Market Share/Origin/Leakage:

  • Zip code analysis of the most recent Medicare Market Share
  • Medicare Case Mix Index


  • Medicare Patient Origin
  • Competitors
  • Income by Zip Code (Thematic)
  • Population by Zip Code (Thematic)
  • Population Growth by Zip Code (Thematic)
  • Satellite Overlay of Primary Service Area


  • Demographics
    • Census 2010
    • Population
    • Growth Projections
    • Households
    • Presence of Children
  • Age by Gender by Race
    • Birthing Years (OB Profile)
    • Senior Profiling (50+, 65+, 85+)
    • Women’s Center
  • Household Income
  • Education Attainment

Competitor Locations and Profile

Health Service Demand (Reports include detailed break downs of demographics, payers, and disease classification)

  • Inpatient
    • MDC’s
    • DRG’s
  • Physician Office Visits by 16 specialties
  • Outpatient Visits
  • Emergency Room Visits


  • Establishments/Employees


  • Tapestry Profiles
  • Consumer Expenditure Reports
    • Medical Expenditures

State Data

  • In states where data is available to our clients, we substitute All-Payor data for the Medicare data elements
  • Additional costs may apply