You were hired for strategic planning and marketing. You are stuck wrangling data. Now is the time to change that.

  • Understand the intersection of your market and your patients
  • Community Health Needs Assessment
  • Current Facilities; Development Opps
  • Federal, State, and Local Data

Healthcare Companies

There are over 6,000 hospitals and nearly 1 million physicians in the US. Finding those who can use your services best are hard to find.

  • Benchmark against your most successful accounts
  • Build Indexes by State or Region
  • Cost & Charge Comparisons Nationally
  • Boost relationships with current clients


The big prospect just called. She needs her information this afternoon. Do you really want to tell her no?

  • Intelligence reports built in minutes
  • Health Service Demand at any geography
  • Presentation-ready output
  • Specific ICD-9 & DRG Cost & Charge comparisons locally & nationally