Stratasan provides intelligence from the vast amount of health data available today including hospitals, outpatient, physician offices, community and geo-demographic via a SaaS platform.

The data can be purchased per report (42 Reports), by cubes of data (All data sets for the nation, state, or CBSA), or as entire data sets.

All data sets are scrubbed and modeled based on decades of experience in health care and public health decision making.

Our data sets currently include:

  • MedPAR – Medicare Provider Analysis Review
  • NHDS – National Hospital Discharge Survey (Hospital Inpatient)
  • NAMCS – National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey (Physician Office Visits)
  • NHAMCS – National Hospital Ambulatory Medical Care Survey (Outpatient)
  • State hospital association data
  • County Health Profiles
  • Health Education
  • Medicare Market Share

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