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Young Invincibles Are No-Show for the Party

Based on the HHS’s self reported data on people who actually signed up for the Marketplace, the Young Invincibles (8.8%) did not show up to the party.  Comparing the actual age segments of the population from 2000 to 2012 shows just how quickly our population is aging and straining the Healthcare system already.  The current […]

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Can your Smart Phone Manage Chronic Diseases?

The Pew Foundation put out a very interesting study last week on Chronic Diseases. It was of interest due to the numbers of people who report living with Chronic Diseases and how they are using the Internet to help manage their own personal care. In this ever increasing world of eHealth, the need for apps […]

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Poverty and Health Insurance Update

An important report was released this week just in time for the Marketplace/Health Insurance Exchanges starting October.  Yes that is in only 6 days.  It is here after nearly two years of intensive studying and modeling almost every possible scenario. “We are pleased to announce the release of the 2012 American Community Survey (ACS) 1-Year statistics, the most relied-on […]

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The ABC’s of Medicare (and D)

Anytime I am asked the same question twice in a week, it tells me our audience is probably thinking about this subject.  So this week, the subject is Medicare Parts A, B, C, and D. -Medicare A covers Hospitalizations, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Nursing Homes, Hospice, and Home Health -Medicare Part B covers Medically Necessary Services […]

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Who knew there were so many ways to look at diseases…

I am getting asked about the topic of diseases more and more. It seems there are some nuances in what everyone is asking for and talking about when it comes to understanding diseases. I thought I would help clarify what people mean when they say: Disease Prevalence, Disease Management, Disease Demand, and Population Health Management. […]

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Healthcare Effect – Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy is projected to hit the New Jersey Coast and maintain hurricane force winds north to Maine.  Due to the late October timing of this storm, it is expected to bring heavy snows inland from Tennessee to Maine. This area of the country is the most populated area of the United States and cities […]

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Medicare Market Share Analytics 2010

What is the Government Really Worried About? Recently, we had an opportunity to review the 2009 and 2010 Medicare Market Share Database from the Centers of Medicare Services.  Ordinarily, this might seem like a very tedious assignment, but using some advanced analytics from Stratasan, we were able to look at the data in some new […]

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